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Why Would I Need WELD2? How Can It Help My Custom A/V and Integration Business?

You’ll Make More Profit, More Easily

You know that you need to stay in touch with your customers with YOUR BRAND!

Chill out! WELD2 will help you; here’s how.

  • Our email technology / lifestyle updates go out about every 3 ½ weeks to your clients and contacts. They’re personalized with your name, logo, and contact info. To your customer, it comes from you.

  • Each issue is tensioned for the reader to explore more and contact you.

  • Simple Standard English, no industry jargon to baffle your customers.

  • No brand names or external links (except back to you!)

  • Intelligently written by industry veterans. Short and entertaining enough to keep their attention.

  • **We also furnish just content to you if you have an active database, and would like to send it out yourself

  • Your Special Added Bonus… The WELDers Tactical Briefing for your eyes only ships with each issue. It’s full of great selling tips and strategies specially engineered to help you make the most of each issue!


Existing customers are your most profitable business. Unfortunately, it seems everything else that happens during your busy days often gets in the way of cultivating existing customer relationships.

“The response to our first issue, was quite frankly, shocking. My inbox and cell just blew up with past contacts, some just grateful to hear from us, others with work they want done.  This service works.”
Southern California custom integrator, new to Weld2 in Jan 2016

“One of the hardest things to do is to keep your name in front of the clients that you have already satisfied. The cost of acquiring new clients is just too high. Every opportunity to reach out and touch those satisfied clients in a way that isn’t too intrusive but at the same time reminds them that you are still there is important. WELD2 does that with you.
Bill Skaer, CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, long time integrator

The right kind of persistent contact leads to a steady stream of high profit jobs, but if you’re like most integrators, one of these common problems keeps stopping you:

  • No Time – You’re already wearing too many hats. Barely stickin’ enough fingers in the dike now? You intend to keep in touch and build that relationship, but can you, really, with…..

  • dealer problems

  • You’re not sure what works best – There’re probably a million things you could do, but what’s going to cultivate the kind of customer relationship that keeps them (here’s the important part) pre-tensionsed to buy from you, again and again, for years?

This service for most integrators is only $69.95 per month, all in, no up sells or intelligence insulting garbage thrown your way. On top of all this, we offer a money back guarantee.

We handle everything, you just enjoy more choice projects.

You’re not jumping into something else you don’t have time for….. just earning more money.

“WELD2 is what is sometimes called a “blinding flash of the obvious” — I can’t imagine a more cost effective, indispensable business building tool for independent custom integrators.”.
David Kaplan – Custom Business Solutions, former Executive Director of Digital Delivery Group, VP of Sales and Marketing for Infinity Home Products Group

“Since I have signed up with Weld2, our repeat business from existing clients has increased.
I highly recommend Weld2 to any company looking to connect with their clients and generate repeat business. Thank you Weld2 for all that you do!”
Ray Estrada – Principal, TekMax, Plano, TX – Chair, CEDIA Professional Development Committee

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