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Customised Relationship and Marketing Engine for Dealers and Contractors

WELD delivers the kind of close, ongoing customer relationships that create profit opportunities for business owners. 

Generating New Business Can Be Expensive, But…

Customer acquisition is an expensive endeavor. On average, it costs 7 times
more to acquire a new customer than marketing to existing ones. Your existing client base is an untapped reservior of business, just waiting for you….. if you manage those relationships correctly.

In many markets, key among them consumer electronics, various factors make
marketing to existing customers very attractive:
● High average transaction value
● Rapid technological change creates in-demand new product categories, services, and
evolutionary products.
● Broad, demographic-agnostic, consumer base and deep market penetration (many and diverse customers)
● Consumer confusion and lack of product/category awareness
● High consumer interest in CE categories and new products

Building and maintaining existing customer relationships enables dealers greater
sales opportunities at a very attractive ROI compared to new customer acquisition.

Long Term Relationships Equal Long Term Profits

Most business owners know that maintaining strong customer relationships is one of the best ways to stay profitable, and far more cost effective than prospecting for new customers. Despite their best intentions however, most owners and managers simply haven’t the time or expertise to develop and maintain them.

We Know Where You’re Coming From.. and Can Take You Further

With deep roots in consumer electronics and the custom electronics installation industry, and 97 years of experience in traditional, Internet and e-mail marketing, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the kind of additional business that will make you sit up and take notice.

How We Make Your Sales Grow

WELD2 delivers high-value, relationship building communications to your existing customers on a regular basis. As a dealer, you’ll be keeping your customers informed of industry trends, and exciting entertainment, convenience, and security developments, and giving them the scoop on emerging product categories. It’s not all about consumer electronics, either. It’s full of lifestyle oriented content they look forward to each and every time.

These are benefit driven, professional news-letter style communications, so your customers know what’s in it for them, without all the industry gooblty-gook. The messages help eliminate the confusion inherent in new technologies, put your customers at ease, and highlight exciting trends and developments that they want to take advantage of. Naturally, that gives you new business oportunities.

Straight From You!

You customer communications are really from you… They’re delivered with your branding, logo, colors, business name, conact info, and so on. It’s from you, so the all-important customer bond grows stronger with each one. That means you build your relationship and grow sales.

We Make it So Easy

It’s very powerful, and fortunately, it couldn’t be any easier. We create and deliver informative, engaging newsletter-style communications to your clients every month. You don’t have to lift a finger… except to answer the phone calls and emails from your excited clients, breathless to experience the latest developments you have to offer.

It’s All About YOUR ROI

As a business owner, you’re looking at things through an ROI prism. Every dollar you spend should deliver a positive return. Whether it’s a new vehicle, an employee, or your marketing. The fact is that they should all be generating revenue for you.

Look at your marketing efforts now. How much does it cost to do a home show, a Street of Dreams project, run a single ad campaign, or build the kind of website that really generates new business? You know the answer to that…. it can easily cost many, many thousands of dollars, right?

Remember, we’ve been there. We can relate, and that’s why we’re so excited about this program. It delivers real ROI, which is something not everyhing can say. To do that, it’s pretty simple, you need to make more sales, and not spend a fortune doing it.

Would you like to be getting more jobs each month? How much does only one new job generate for you? Imagine getting even one more good job each month. What would that put a smile on your face?

That s exactly how this program helps you. More jobs = more revenue, and if you can get them without running up a big bill doing it, it means extra profit, straight into your bank account.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, effective marketing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With a combined 80 years of sales, marketing, and management expeience in the consumer electronics industry, backed up by two decades of online marketing experience, our executive team knows how to bring you new business, and

You can get started for a very modest investment, especially considering the potential returns. Your subscription to the Relationship and Marketing Engine starts at only $59.95/ month… and no, that’s not per client.

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