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Content Creation and Licensing

Wrong Content = No Business 

Simply put, content is king. Without compelling, engaging content, your website, blog, email campaign, or social media marketing just doesn’t work. You know it, your customers know it, and Google knows it. WELD2 gives you many content creation and licensing options, so you can have the kind of content that both visitors and search engines love.

WELD2 provides content packages. Our content creation team creates the kind of compeling content that reaches out, grabs your prospects and pulls them in. When you’re building your blog, website or social media campaign, our content Keeps your visitors coming back, gets shared, and attracts search engines. If you want to be found, then engage prospects and customers, it’s vital.

  • Build Your Blog –¬†A consumer magnet and engagement tool with no equal. As part of a content marketing strategy, blogs really deliver the goods. We will not only build your blog, but set it up so that it attracts search engines like flies to sugar. It doesn’t stop there, either. We wil show you how to make sure your content gets shared, so you get more customers than ever before.

  • Website Copy and Content – You need the kind of informative and engaging content that keeps your visitors coming back. Your customers will be happy, and your prospects will become customers

  • eMail Marketing Campaigns – EMail is one of the most powerful relationship marketing tools ever devised. It’s more powerful now than ever before. With WELD2, email is just scratching the surface. Our specialized relationship marketing engine takes it to the next level. Market to prospects and convert them to customers. Keep your customers engaged, and buying from you.

Even if you have the expertise to develop that kind of powerful content and use it correctly, the fact remains; it’s expensive, both in time and opportunity cost. Use our content and watch your business grow.

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