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Consumer Electronics Business Consulting

Use Our Consumer Electronics Experience to Grow Your Business 

Consulting with the WELD2 executive team’s 101 years of consumer electronics industry sales, marketing, operations, and executive experience will help you:


  • Streamline your process

  • Increase revenues

  • Discover new revenue streams

  • Build your customer base

  • Increase profitability

  • Identify new market opportunities

  • Plan and execute an exit strategy

  • Make your life easier

We provide business and marketing consulting services to myriad different CE business types, inlcuding:

  • Custom installation and integration firms (large and small)

  • CE dealers and retailers

  • Distributors

  • Manufacturers

For consumer electronics business consulting that gets results, WELD2 is the answer.

What’s 101 years of executive, sales, management, and marketing experience do for you? Simple, we’ve seen and done what it takes to be successful at every level… and we’ve done it! Whether you’re running a retail store, systems integration and design firm, distributor, or manufacturing company, that experience is priceless.

With the right insight, chances are your CE business could be generating additional revenue, and earning more profit from the revenue you’re generating now. In fact, it’s rare that an organization is operating near its potential.

Consumer electronics is a complex, ever changing business. In such a dynamic environment, it’s difficult just to meet your daily challenges, much less identify and maximize opportunities. That’s where WELD2 consumer electronics consulting really delivers. Why?

When it Comes to the Consumer Electronics Business, We’ve Been There, Done That!

That’s exactly why we can help your business. Our wealth of experience means we can spot problems (even before they occur) and give you new ideas. You’ll discover new revenue opportunities, and increase profits from existing business. Whether you’re creating products, wholesaling, or installing them, we have the expertise to ensure your electronics business is running like a finely tuned machine, and is really up to speed.

Do you want to grow your business? Is it doing well, but you think there’s more, lurking inside, waiting to get out? You’re probably right.

Maybe a complete turnaround is what you’re after. Perhaps you’re looking for an exit. It’s possible you aren’t quite sure what direction you should take.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go. We will help you get there.

How Can We Say That??

Easy…. Our team. Our team is our strength… and your opportunity! Who are we? Meet Us Here. With a century of combined consumer electronics business experience at all levels, you’ll see why we’re so confident your CE business will benefit from our unique blend of talent and experience.

We’ve walked the walk and grown businesses… just like yours. Yes, we’ve had upper management stints at some of the consumer electronics industry’s most respected brands and organizations.

What if that’s not your business? Relax, we didn’t stop there, founding and running successful manufacturing, distributing, and custom electronics installation firms. We’ve founded, lead, and served on boards of our industry’s most influential associations and organizations. We’ve developed cutting edge training programs, and written for the industry’s leading publications.

A whole new world awaits…. you just need to step aboard. Your business will thank you.

Relax, your first call won’t cost you a cent. We’ll just chat about you, what you want for your business, and if we’re a good fit. The consumer electronics business has been our lives for over a century. You have nothing to lose. Discover how WELD2’s specialized consumer electronics business consulting can put those years to work for you.

Contact us now, and see what your consumer electronics business is really capable of.

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