Growing Healthy and Profitable Relationships....... Since 2013!!

"WELD2 is what is sometimes called a "blinding flash of the obvious" -- I can't imagine a more cost effective, indispensable business building tool for independent custom integrators.".

David Kaplan

Custom Business Solutions

"One of the hardest things to do is to keep your name in front of the clients that you have already satisfied. The cost of acquiring new clients is just too high. Every opportunity to reach out and touch those satisfied clients in a way that isn’t too intrusive but at the same time reminds them that you are still there is important. WELD2 does that with you."

Bill Skaer, CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and longtime custom integrator

Specialized Relationship Marketing Engine

Delivering high value, engaging content is a proven way to develop and grow profitible client relationships. Problem -. It's time consuming, difficult, and expensive developing and delivering the right content, on the most effective schedule.

PROBLEM SOLVED! WELD lets you focus on your business, while we bring you new opportunities..

Powerful as it is, that's only the beginning when it comes to how the WELD Relationship Engine delivers new revenue for you.

Business Consulting

The WELD excutive team has over 95 ..uh, actually 97, years combined experience at literally every level of the consumer electronics, A/V and custom electronics installation industry.

Yeah, we've bumped into dead rats in the crawl, and led board meetings in some of our industry's leading companies and industry groups.... no, not at the same time!

Simply put... that's priceless! You have the exceptional opportunity to put that experience to work growing your CE business. Meet Us

Content Creation and Licensing

Without the right kind of compelling, engaging content your email campaign, website, or blog doesn't stand a chance..... in the search engines, or with customers.

We deliver custom content and show you how to use it most effectively, so your online presence and business can grow. From content planning through delivery, WELD has you covered.

Attract and engage vitistors, then watch them become customers...YOURS!

Marketing Analytics

What is really working for you and why? It's vital knowledge that lets you postition your business on the path to success.

It's not enough to "have a feeling" about what works best. You need to know for sure, so you can focus on maximizing your ROI.

Why Choose Us?

Client Relationships Should Be One of Your Most Valuable Assets

In any business, client relationships are critical to long term success and growth. This couldn't be more true than in consumer electronics, particularlly custom installation!
It touches everyone, delivers the modern lifestyle we enjoy, and there is always something new. That spells opportunity for business owners who cultivate close, long term client relationships.

Our Experience is Priceless

Our executive team brings a rare combination of talent and experience, gained through over 95 years combined experience in every area in the consumer electronics industry. Our executive team filled leadership roles at leading companies and organizations, from manufacturer and distributor through dealer and integrator. We've done it all in this industry.... literally! We put this to work for you, building your business and making you money. Everything we do for is measured through the ROI prism. Simply put, we know how to make you more money!

So Is Your Time

Face it, your time is money. If you're running a million dollar business, amd work 50hrs a week, your contribution is $400 an hour. That's your marketing load at the revenue level, and just too much money to throw away. Concentrate your talents where you're the expert, and let us take care of what we do best..... build your customer relationships and make you money!

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